Safe Keeping Receipts or SKR & # 39; s are bank instruments that are increasing as collateral for other financing. SKR is a financial instrument issued by a security house, bank or storehouse. Archived are assets or other valuables in a safe, secure and protected area. The publisher of SKR assumes the responsibility of being a legally responsible custodian. Contact your agency or storage facility as some may charge for this service.

Examples of properties that can be monetized:

• Fur SKR
• Collective Art SKR
• Gold SKR
• Assets above ground SKR
• commercial real estate SKR
• Archaeological remains SKR
• Valuable documents SKR
• Precious metal or precious stones SKR

The publisher of SKR is not a legal owner and must therefore return the property to the owner upon request. Who can get SKR? Individuals, companies, companies, organizations and trusts, to name a few. The owner of SKR can earn revenue on this device such as SBLC, LC, Bond or BG and use this fund as an option for project financing. Most issued SKRs are capable of SWIFT transfers, but some may require an additional MT 760 at the same time to transfer funds in the transaction.

Monetization and SKR are converting the financial instrument into statutory transactions. Certain additional conditions may apply, depending on which bank is eligible. For example, the property is vacant and clear, which means; Is the title free and explicitly registered on SKR? Apart from the value of SKR, free title is one of the most important factor in monetization. The next important factor is the ability of SWIFT MT 760. When revenue is usually 1 year and 1 day unless otherwise agreed, the security receipt is then completed to the issuer.

With these crucial issues at hand, the income link on the deposit receipt can be a safe business because in most cases you do not transfer your property or give up control. All fees associated with earning your SKR income must be paid out of the proceeds, but not in advance. For many reasons, you should never take SWIFT or transfer your SKR to anyone or company without first agreeing on it or knowing the company you are dealing with. Earning revenue from your SKR can be a solution to other traditional financing.

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